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Pigmentation, Age Spots & Sun Damage

In 1978, Paul Scerri founded his laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland basing his research on herb trade, aroma and phytotherapy.

It is within this structure that he approached areas such as temperament, morphology, the individual energy systems and typology in order to develop his own exclusive method.

Dry, sensitive, atonic, wrinkled, oily or impure: the skin reacts in multiple ways depending upon the person's alterations. The originality of the Paul Scerri method lies in its novel application program, which stimulates a reaction within the epidermis according to the problem being treated.

The Paul Scerri method quickly became the industry's reference standard for efficiency and quality.

Paul Scerri Eye Cream Osmovital, Circles-Puffines 
Eye Contour 
Paul Scerri Eye Cream Osmovital, Circles-Puffines Eye Contour Corrector Cream (0.51 oz)
Product Description
Osmovital Eye Cream ingredients, include Hydroxyproline, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F which aggressively address wrinkling, puffiness, loss of elasticity and dark circles. It provides a perfect consistency for a daytime eye cream.

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